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Adrienne is the quintessential Gemini.  A true social butterfly who adores adventure. Her appetite for meeting new people, trying new things and seeing new places is insatiable. She has a deep passion for her friends, family and spiritual path and has used these wonderful traits to serve her community in many ways on both her personal and professional journey. Charismatic,  curious, and kind-hearted; she is grateful for the opportunity to be an ambassador for  TorchBearer Tachyon


TorchBearer Tachyon began as a vision, quickly becoming a  mission; to make our world a better place.

Like you, we’ve grown increasingly concerned about the state of our world. Politics that divide us. Finances that strike fear in us. Health challenges that derail us and misinformation that threatens the very planet we call home.


The journey to awakening has not been easy - but we’ve been encouraged along the way by wonderful teachers, healers and guides. And now we prayerfully accept our calling to join them in helping others find the peace and joy and enlightenment that self-discovery can provide.

We believe that we are all children of the same Creator - and this benevolent Source planted a spark of Divinity into every single one of us. YOU can find and nurture that spark - and one way to do it is to practice listening to (and following) your intuition.


Despite very few of our friends or neighbors knowing what tachyons are (much less how they can benefit humankind) we were inspired to bring this extraordinary experience to our community. We feel Charlotte is not only READY for this modality - but also desperately IN NEED of this bridge to a better you. We are proud to report that there are dozens of chambers across the globe today - and honored for TorchBearer Tachyon to join their noble ranks. 

TorchBearer Tachyon Experience

Find Alignment – Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually.

Clients who experience the chamber feel refreshed and have a deeper spiritual connection to themselves and the community. Imagine a new version you – the one that enjoys each of life’s moments on purpose. The person that takes time to enjoy the warmth and flavor of your favorite morning beverage, that smiles at the grocery store clerk, and keeps calm in the traffic jam. When we meditate and learn how to be in the moment, we can enjoy more heart-felt conversations, belly laughs and create magical memories.

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