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TorchBearer Tachyon Questions


We tried to have fun with our answers

  • What are the benefits?
    Ummm, did you skip over our benefits blog?
  • Does the chamber use electricity?
    Nope. Not even a little. Electricity is confined by our currently known laws of physics. It’s time to think bigger. While there is some lighting for the room (we wouldn’t want you to be in the dark) and options for soothing soundtracks that use electricity, the chamber itself is 100% electrode free. The only thing that will be firing is your neurons.
  • What should I expect for my experience?
    Expectations are tricky, we all know this. See above. Open-mindedness is paramount. You’ve been led here for a reason. Everyone’s reason is slightly different - but bring your intentions and let’s let the Universe handle the rest, shall we? Again, check out our reviews and testimonials!
  • Is this real?
    Really? I mean we are certified by the Easter Bunny AND The Tooth Fairy (others under negotiation). Of course it’s real, silly. The biggest question is, will you come to the experience with an open mind? Those that do, have an experience like none other. Check out our reviews and testimonials!
  • Where can I find more information?
    Microfiche is pretty outdated, so may we suggest the internet? After all you found us right? All kidding aside, we have carefully chosen to not overwhelm you with information. No need for brain explosions. We really wanted everyone to have the chance to do their own unique research. The right information tends to present itself at the right time.
  • Do you get sucked into the chair?
    Luckily this has only happened one time in the history of the chamber. It’s important to note the person was completely fine, except they popped out with some severe bed head and needed some serious brushing. That said, it actually became a super bonus as they found a pair of lost keys from another patron and accumulated enough spare change to pay for the fast lane on 77 for their drive home!
  • Can Tachyon Energy do harm? Can anyone use it?
    There are no prerequisites for those that can experience Tachyon energy. In fact, we wanted the experience to be accessible to everyone, including those with physical limitations (the office is wheelchair accessible). We do again however again stress open-mindedness. When we personally began incorporating things like Sound Baths, Reiki, Massage, and Acupuncture into our routine for mental, physical and spiritual wellness - we quickly found that Tachyons became a significant part of our self-care toolbox. We think there's just something super special about tachyons and the energy they weave into us at a cellular level. It’s what motivated us to make a commitment to bring this to the Charlotte community. We’ve found so many benefits to our health and ability to start (or deepen) our meditation practice with tachyons and we believe you will too. Come on, you know you want to try it! By the way - read what WIKIPEDIA has to say about tachyons HERE.
  • Is this the only Tachyon Chamber?
    Nopers. There are currently about 35 world-wide and that number is growing. This is the only chamber in Charlotte and the closest to us is 3.5 hours away. You’re welcome! Enjoy! Be a pioneer!
  • What if I can’t feel anything?
    Quick! Stand up, hop on one foot and spin in a circle three times! (Make sure you’re live streaming to Facebook or Tik Tok as you do - this is key). Our research shows that 2 of every 3 people feel the energy as a calming force for their meditation, clarity and healing practices. Those that do not feel the tachyons may just need more time - and that’s ok too! We will work with you to provide suggestions as you move through this journey as everyone’s journey is unique. We’re all in this together.
  • What should I wear to my experience?
    Generally speaking, most clients wear their favorite mascot’s costume, or at least something their grandmother made that doesn’t fit. Sparingly we have clients don their previous years ugly Christmas sweater. However, we want you to be super comfortable (who said meditation needs to be uncomfortable???). So come comfy, take off your shoes and stay a while, as in, for the length you selected. (You will be ejected promptly when your time is over for the length of session you chose)
  • Do you offer coupons or discounts?
    Of course! We will be running specials from time to time, promotional items for new and existing clients - and please check out our membership offerings for the deepest discounts on sessions and merch. We also consider “energy exchanges” with others in the metaphysical space based on the interest of both parties. PS - Stay tuned for all kinds of great collaborative events!


Nobel Prize Quantum Physics 

TorchBearer Tachyon Experience

Find Alignment – Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually.

Clients who experience the chamber feel refreshed and have a deeper spiritual connection to themselves and the community. Imagine a new version you – the one that enjoys each of life’s moments on purpose. The person that takes time to enjoy the warmth and flavor of your favorite morning beverage, that smiles at the grocery store clerk, and keeps calm in the traffic jam. When we meditate and learn how to be in the moment, we can enjoy more heart-felt conversations, belly laughs and create magical memories.

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