I have been convinced for a while that the concept “everything is energy” is spot on, regularly witnessing this firsthand.  I have worked with a variety of energies in order to expand my own individual meditations practices in my efforts to promote better daily health.   I was so excited to see that there was a Chamber now available in the area as tachyons have been coming up more and more in my searches! My experience in the chamber was sublime!   I immediately saw light and felt an expansion of energy in my 3rd eye.   I quickly felt tingling energy surging through as I relaxed into a heightened state.  I believe the energy made it possible for me to temporarily leave the physical plane, yet I remained lucid throughout the experience.   It felt like a deep cleansing of my energy field.   That night I slept better than, well, forever.  I plan to continue to use this offering as part of my overall efforts to grow my meditation skills!


Extraordinary experience!  I am not sure I have the words to describe it just yet, but perhaps I will after a few more visits.   It’s hard to put into words.   I have never reached that level of a meditative state before!


My Tachyon experience truly elevated my ability to achieve a faster and deeper meditative state.  During and after, I noticed more ease in bringing myself to a more balanced and calm state and I feel that Its energy has stayed with me for some time after.   I can’t wait to visit again!