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One Year Anniversary Celebration for TorchBearer Tachyon

This exciting 8/13/23 event is an outdoors drop in at TorchBearer Tachyon in Cornelius 💁‍♀️✨💜.

We founded this sacred spa one year ago - when we discovered the transformative powers of tachyon to heal and “level up” the human body. 🕺🏻🥰🙌

Besides celebrating the one year mark of being open to our community - our gathering is designed to accomplish the following objectives:

1) Introduce people to the powerful TorchBearer Tachyon experience (and educate them about the benefits of this subatomic particle)🤩

2) Connect the community (we’ve built an incredible circle of traditional and non-traditional healers during our time on planet Earth) 🌍 👩‍⚕️ 👽

3) Support the new nonprofit called the Sacred Sol Collective (the talented team working hard behind the scenes to host the third annual Sol Harmony Fest event in September) 🥳

How will we do this?

We are hosting an incredible RAFFLE (get one ticket for $5 and five for $20) packed with incredible products and services donated by our generous community. ☀️💰🚀

Even if you cannot personally attend - you can donate a prize or buy some raffle tickets by texting Adrienne at 704.763.3049 😉.

There will be music and food and fun (and yes, kids and pets are welcome as we will be gathered under a massive air conditioned tent in the backyard!) ❄️ 😎🙌 thanks to the kindness of friends 😉.

PS - Here is a link to read more information about the event we are hosting on 8/13/23 - and RSVP:


Wanna add your beautiful product or service offering to the lineup of sacred donations to our raffle for Sol Harmony Fest? (Technically we are raising money for the nonprofit that organizes this annual fall event in CLT - it’s called the Sacred Sol Collective 💜.)

Our goal is to have items valued at $100 or more (but we welcome any and every offering to the mix): 🥰

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It’s on my calendar!!!


So excited to be a part of this event!!


Adrienne Craighead
Adrienne Craighead
Jul 31, 2023

Super psyched to celebrate with my soul family 💁‍♀️🥳💜.

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