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The Science Supporting Tachyons

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

In 1980 the US Air Force Commissioned RAND (an Independent Third Party) to Create an Unbiased Report on Tachyons.

I am an unapologetic “Seeker“ - someone who consistently and methodically collects new information to satisfy my appetite for knowledge. Most of my searches merge my love for science with my newly rekindled interest in spirituality. My ultimate interest is ignited when the two cross paths synergistically. It is within that intersection, that tiny sliver (or sometimes that giant chasm), that my interests are genuinely piqued.

I am a believer in Tachyons. I've seen the science behind them, but I've also experienced them first-hand. If you are like me, you share the same desire to blend these two disciplines into a worldview that “makes sense“ to our brains and “feels right” in our hearts at the same time.

Therefore, as a gift to my fellow science nerds out there, enjoy this rare gem; A 1980's report (commissioned by the US Air Force) on the viability of Tachyons. I find the existence as well as content of this document fascinating. What I find even more fascinating is contemplating how much additional research the US Air Force has probably done since the time it was published. This report in now over 40 years old, what else has been discovered?

I know one thing that has: TorchBearer Tachyon!

Read the 1980's Commissioned Report on Tachyons here:

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