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Frustrated by Meditation?

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

You’re not alone. Here’s the thing: most people we talk to KNOW that meditation would be good for them. They’ve read the research, heard the anecdotal stories, and have even tried meditation on-and-off for a few weeks, months (or even years) now. It’s just that they don’t have the knowledge, or time, or skill to do it often enough, or long enough, or deeply enough . . .

But what if we told you that none of those things were really true? What if we told you that meditation was your God-given birthright and that once you really experienced it (as it was meant to be) you’d be hooked?

Many people achieve theta brainwaves when meditating inside the TorchBearer Tachyon chamber on their first visit (and after just 10-15 minutes). These are the deepest and slowest conscious waves that Tibetan monks practice for years to master. And this positive experience gives them a true TARGET to aim for when they are back at home on their meditation cushion. Imagine actually feeling MOTIVATED to roll out of bed to meditate in the morning!

Don’t White Knuckle It Alone

Building a consistent and satisfying meditation practice doesn’t require any natural talent, prior experience, or special equipment. It just helps to know what you’re aiming for (and some experience in the TorchBearer Tachyon Chamber can give you that). Forget “forcing” yourself to slow down and make time for it - and embrace waking up your innate and intrinsic DRIVE to meditate - simply because you recall how satisfying and beneficial it can be!

Furthermore, research from the world’s leading scientists indicate that meditation can:

  • Reduce Stress

  • Extend Patience

  • Control Anxiety

  • Build Resilience

  • Promote Emotional Health

  • Enhance Self-Awareness

  • Lengthen Attention Span

  • Reduce Age-Related Memory Loss

  • Generate Kindness

  • Fight Addiction

  • Improve Sleep

  • Decrease Pain

  • Reduce Blood Pressure

  • Increase Libido*

*Okay, we just made that last one up, but we wanted to be sure you were still paying attention. And it’s probably just a matter of time before some scientists develop a study for this one and publish their results in the medical journals, right?

DISCLAIMER: TorchBearer Tachyon makes no guarantees or promises related to its service or products offered. The owners or employees of TorchBearer Tachyon are not licensed doctors, nutritionists, pharmacists, psychologists, or other licensed professionals. Therefore, TorchBearer Tachyon does not render advice or treatment, nor provides or prescribes any diagnosis, treatment, medication, or remedy. Nothing on this site shall be construed to constitute healthcare advice or medical diagnosis, treatment or prescribing. TorchBearer Tachyon encourages reaching out to the care of a healthcare professional if you believe such care is required. Information, Services, Visits to the Tachyon Chamber or Guidance provided by TorchBearer Tachyon should not be taken as a promise of benefits, a claim of cures, or a guarantee of results to be achieved.

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